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Triple Trophy Taxidermy

At Triple Trophy Taxidermy, it is our goal to produce high-quality, custom taxidermy so that your memory can be preserved for a lifetime. Whether it is your first deer or a once-in-a-lifetime trophy, every piece will be treated with care and given attention to detail.

Our Work...


Large Mammals


Small Mammals

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Our Turnaround...

We strive to have as short of a turnaround time as possible but also realize that in order to create high-quality taxidermy, corners cannot be cut. From carefully skinning the animal, to placing the last finishing details around the eyes, every step is vital and takes time in creating a masterpiece.


The Name Triple Trophy Taxidermy...

The beautiful state of Pennsylvania is home to black bears, whitetail deer, and Eastern turkey. The PA triple trophy is recognized by harvesting all 3 in a license year.

As an avid Pennsylvania hunter, I realize that bagging the triple trophy is not an easy feat and is an accomplishment worth preserving.

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Click below to learn more about Brian and how Triple Trophy Taxidermy got started.

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