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     Excitement was high the day I was finally able to join my Dad and brother hiking the mountains in pursuit of the whitetail deer. Now many years later, a level of excitement still comes each time I have an opportunity to roam the forests in pursuit of wildlife, as you never know what you might encounter in God’s beautiful creation. 

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   A spark was ignited in me to become a taxidermist around age 13. A taxidermist came to school and shared with us students the basics of taxidermy. It was that very day that I said to myself, “I want to be a taxidermist.” Sometime later, I ordered a squirrel form in hopes of mounting my first animal. After receiving the supplies, to my disappointment, the form was not the correct size. Little did I know then, that the form could have been resized.

  At age 17, my dream became a reality when I had the opportunity to work part time at a taxidermy shop. It didn’t take long until it became a full time career, as I really enjoyed making animals “come back to life”.

Over the next 15 years of doing taxidermy, I’ve had the privilege of mounting many animals from around the world, ranging from a red squirrel to a towering giraffe. While some animals are easier to work on than others, each one is unique and beautiful in its own way.  I am grateful for all the training and tips I received over the years from fellow taxidermists, as I realize I can always be a student in taxidermy. Most importantly I am grateful to God for the talent and opportunity he has given me as I continue this trade.

It was after moving to Ringtown area and some people nudging me to start a local taxidermy business, that Triple Trophy Taxidermy began. I look forward to serving you!

                                                              Sincerely, Brian Good @ Triple Trophy Taxidermy

Reflections as a Taxidermist...

    As a taxidermist, I often marvel at the creativity God had when he created each animal. From the sharp quills of a porcupine to the iridescent colors on a wood duck, each one is unique and beautifully created. It takes many hours of labor for me as a taxidermist to make an animal “come back to life.” Even though it may look alive externally, I cannot give it life. God is the giver of life. So it is with our life, the Bible tells us sin brings death and that all have sinned. God in his love for mankind sent His only Son Jesus Christ to this world. Jesus gave His life as a sacrifice so that you and I can be forgiven from our sin and experience life in Him!  Remember this: Just as God is the giver of all physical life, so is He the giver of spiritual life through His son Jesus. The good news is everyone can go from death to life by confessing their sin and putting their faith in Him as stated in 1 John 1:9 God desires to give you spiritual life and it is my desire for you to experience that Life as well!

                                                              Sincerely, Brian Good @ Triple Trophy Taxidermy

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